Current Releases



Men In Black International- Sci-Fi (PG13)

Ma- Horror (R)

Booksmart- Comedy (R)

Cold Blood- Action (NR)

Into The Ashes- Action (NR)

Canal Street- Drama (PG13)

Catching Faith 2- Drama (NR)

Mary Magdalene- Drama (R)

Under The Autumn Moon- Hallmark (NR)

When Calls The Heart Disputing Hearts- Hallmark (NR)


Aladdin- Family (PG)

John Wick 3- Action (R)

Dead Don’t Die- Comedy (R)

Echo In The Canyon- Documentary (PG13)

Being Frank- Comedy (R)

Harvest Love- Hallmark (NR)

Nekrotronic- Comedy (NR)


X-Men Dark Phoenix- Sci-Fi (PG13)

Wild Rose- Drama (R)

Bottom Of The 9ths-Drama (R)

Above The Shadows-Sci-Fi (NR)

Bodied- Comedy (R)

Operative- Suspense (NR)

Dead Water- Suspense (R)

Love Takes Flight- Hallmark (NR)


Yesterday- Comedy (PG13)

Childs Play- Horror (R)

Shaft- Action (R)

Anna- Action (R)

Jacobs Ladder- Horror (NR)

Score To Settle- Action (NR)

Awake- Action (NR)

Daughter Of The Wolf- Action (R)

Madness In The Method- Comedy (NR)

Pavarotti- Documentary (PG13)

Summer In Genoa- Drama (R)

Tracker- Action (R)