Previous Releases



Detective Pikachu- (PG-13, Family)

Curse of La Llorona- (R, Horror)

Poms- (PG-13, Comedy)

Tolkien- (NR, Drama)

Souvenir- (R, Suspense)

Amazing Grace: Aretha Franklin- (G, Documentary)

Batman: Hush- (PG-13, Scifi)

Charlie Says- (PG-13, Drama)

Command- (PG-13, Action)

Descendants 3- (NR, Family)

Donnybrook- (R, Action)

Love at Sea- (NR, Hallmark)

Outsider- (NR, Western)


Avengers: Endgame- (PG-13, Scifi)

All is True- (PG-13, Drama)

Trial By Fire- (R, Drama)

Lying and Stealing- (R, Suspense)

Shadow- (NR, Action)

Love Struck Café- (NR, Hallmark)

Professor and the Madman- (NR, Drama)

Vault- (R, Action)

When Calls the Heart: Heart of the Mountie- (NR, Hallmark)


Hustle- (PG-13, Comedy)

Dogs Journey- (PG, Drama)

Brightburn- (R, Drama)

Sun is Also a Star- (PG-13, Drama)

Tomorrow Man- (PG-13, Drama)

Iron Sky 2: Coming Race- (NR, Scifi)

Gourmet Detective- (NR, Hallmark)

Biggest Little Farm- (PG, Family)


Secret Life of Pets 2- (PG, Family)

Godzilla: King of Monsters- (PG-13, Scifi)

Rocketman- (R, Musical)

Back of the Net- (R, Family)

Creatress- (NR, Comedy)

Killers Anonymous- (R, Suspense)

Lego Batman: Family Matters- (NR, Family)

Miss Arizona- (NR, Drama)